Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

Expert Author Luisa Sofia
For those who are looking for a home near Salvador without investing a lot of money, Lauro de Freitas offers some great options. Unlike some of the more upmarket locations near Salvador, the real estate for sale in Lauro de Freitas offers both apartments and houses, which allows it to cater to a wider market segment.

Lauro de Freitas is located about 15 km towards the northeast of Salvador. It is an urban area with a lot of commercial activity and is a major contributor to the growth in the region. Despite being an urban area, the town has its own share of natural beauty with hills, plateaus and tablelands covered in greenery.

It has three rivers running through it and has about 6 km of lovely beaches. The three most famous beaches here are Vilas do Atlantico, Ipitanga and Buraquinho.

In Lauro de Freitas you will find comfortable apartments in modern urban style layouts which conserve space, but provide all facilities. Most apartments are new and you also have the option of buying an apartment under construction with projected delivery in about a year.

Depending on the price that you are willing to pay, you can find houses in both upmarket areas and areas with relatively lower costs. It is also possible to buy land in developed condos with common facilities. You can also look for good commercial investments like shops and hotels.

The prices of apartments ranges from R$120, 000 to R$600, 000. An average apartment would cost you about R$247, 000. You have a choice between locations near the beaches or the sea and locations in town, which are closer to everyday necessities.

Depending on the price, you will get two to three bedrooms and maybe one or two suites. The floor space will be in the 40 to 180 sq . meters range. A pool is available in most modern apartments and the higher end apartments may have larger pools or a separate one for kids.

As most apartments are new, they usually come unfurnished, though it is occasionally possible to find semi-furnished apartments as well.

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